MGH Rewards Club Membership Agreement


A member is an individual who has accepted the terms and conditions of this agreement, completed all enrollment procedures, and whose application to join the MGH Rewards Club has been approved by Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company").


Applicants can complete enrollment by registering via the Company’s official website or smartphone application.

Admission fee / Annual membership fee

No admission fee or annual membership fee is needed.

Termination of membership

Should any of the following conditions arise, Membership may be revoked and all benefits cancelled with immediate effect without written notice from the Company:

  • 1.the member made a false declaration at the time of enrollment.
  • 2.the member’s contact information (address, phone number, etc.) becomes invalid.
  • 3.the member fails to meet payment obligations for stipulated hotel charges such as accommodation fees or is late paying these charges.
  • 4.the member engages in behavior that is either disruptive to the hotel or other guests, significantly damages the reputation of the hotel, or violates the terms and conditions of using the hotel.
  • 5.the member engages in activity that violates any part of this Membership Agreement.
  • 6.the member is either associated with or a member of an organized crime group or other anti-social group.
  • 7.the member is associated with a corporation or other organization that has business activities controlled by someone who is associated with or a member of an organized crime group.
  • 8.the member is associated with a corporation that has any officer who is associated with or a member of an organized crime group.
  • 9.In the event that a member violates these Terms and Conditions and is deemed unsuitable for membership by the Company (e.g., the same person uses points or vouchers earned through a campaign with a second or different ID)

Membership levels

  • 1.Depending on the number of points earned in the fiscal year (April 1st to March 31st) and the number of nights in the fiscal year (April 1st to March 31st), the membership level for the next fiscal year will be determined as below. To allow time for processing, the membership level will be from April 7th to April 6th of the subsequent year.
    • -Bronze stage members:
      less than 2,500 points and less than 5 nights
    • -Gold stage members:
      2,500 points or more or 5 nights or more
    • -Platinum stage members:
      20,000 points or more or 20 nights or more
    • -Diamond stage members:
      40,000 points or more or 40 nights or more
  • 2.If your membership meets the upgrade requirements during any month of the fiscal year, the upgraded level will start on the 7th of the subsequent month. The down-grading of a membership level will be determined on an annual basis as described above.
  • 3.The number of nights subject to stage judgment will be added to the member who stayed, when making a reservation directly on the official website, by phone, or directly at the hotel.
  • 4.Points and the number of nights are awarded the day after your check-out date.

Member benefits

  • 1.Points service

    The points service gives a specified number of points to an MGH Member who stays in accommodation at a hotel or other specified facility operated by the Company, when the accommodation is reserved via the official website, by phone, or in person directly, and the points service grants member benefits based on the points earned. Points are only awarded for cash and credit card payments, and points (1 point for 1 yen) are calculated from a percentage of the room charge (excluding tax), as shown below.

    • -Bronze stage members: 5%
    • -Gold stage members: 10%
    • -Platinum Stage members: 10%
    • -Diamond stage members: 10%
  • 2.Benefits other than points

    There are benefits other than point services depending on the membership stage. For more information, please refer to the MGH Rewards Club Information.
    Information on MGH Rewards Club

Reservations that are not eligible for points

Even for MGH members, reservations made under the following circumstances are not eligible for points:

  • 1.when accommodation is reserved via an internet agent or a travel agency
  • 2.when using other special offers

How to use points

The points accumulated by an MGH Member can be used in the following ways. Please refer to the MGH Rewards Club Information for further details.

  • 1.To pay for accommodation fees on the reservation website
    • -Points can be used to cover accommodation fees when an MGH Member makes a hotel reservation.
    • -This option is only available on the Japanese-language member reservation site. (It is not available on the member reservation site in other languages.)
    • -Points can be used after an MGH Member has accumulated 1 points.
    • -Points will be returned when the reservation is canceled.
  • 2.In exchange for web vouchers that have a QR code
    • -Web vouchers can be selected on the MGH Member's “My Page”.
    • -When you wish to use the web voucher, please inform the staff at the hotel.
    • -Any issued receipts will show the cash amount paid, exclusive of vouchers (accommodation vouchers or breakfast vouchers).
    • -Discount vouchers for accommodation can be used at hotels operated by the Company and the following hotels operated by Mitsui Fudosan Group companies:
      ・MGH Mitsui Garden Hotel Taipei Zhongxiao
      ・Toba International Hotel
      ・Toba International Hotel Shioji-tei
      ・Halekulani Okinawa
  • 3.In exchange for various products
    • -Products can be selected on the MGH Member's “My Page”.
    • -The product will be shipped to the specified address in Japan only.
    • -Exchanging gifts and coupons may change without notice.
  • 4.Regarding points and vouchers earned through campaigns
    • -Points and vouchers earned through campaigns can be used in the same way as in 1-3 above, but one user can participate in the same campaign only once.
    • -Even if a person has registered with more than one ID, the same person must participate in the same campaign only once. Therefore, the same person is forbidden to use campaign points or vouchers earned with a second or different ID.

Validity of points

The expiration of any points earned will be the end of the month two years after the last point acquisition date.


MGH Members may withdraw from membership at any time, at the request of the MGH Member. Any remaining points will be lost at the time of withdrawing from membership.

Privacy policy

For handling the personal information of MGH Members, the Company follows the "Privacy policy of MGH Rewards Club Members."

Changes to the agreement

Should any the following cases occur, the Company may change this agreement without the prior consent of the MGH Member. The Company will notify MGH Members by announcing the content of the change and the date that the change becomes effective on our official website, etc.

  • (1)the change to this agreement is in the general interest of MGH Members
  • (2)the change to this agreement does not violate the purpose of the contract and is reasonable in terms of: the necessity of the change, the appropriateness of the changed content, the content of the change, and other circumstances related to the change.

These terms may change without prior notice or consent of the member.


Should the Company be unable to uphold all or part of the terms outlined in this Membership Agreement due to circumstances beyond the Company's control, such as fire, power outages, earthquakes or other natural disasters, or any other event that may cause damage or disruption to the system itself or to other operations, and which may result in the full or partial suspension or termination of services. Under these circumstances, the Company cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered by MGH Members or other parties for any reason whatsoever.

Update Date: February 28, 2024
Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management Co., Ltd.