How points work

If you make a reservation through MGH's official website, or by phoning or visiting the hotel directly, the MGH Rewards Club member who stays will get MGH points equal to 5% of the room rate (excluding tax).

What's more, when your membership level to Gold stage or higher, the points rate goes up to 10%.

Expiration of points

Points expire at the end of the month two years after the date that each point was awarded.(※)
Example: Points awarded during July 2020 expire on July 31st, 2022.
(You can check the expiration date through My Page on MGH's website, or on the smartphone app.)

When points are awarded

Points will be awarded the day after the check-out date of the eligible reservation.

How to use your points

Using points
at an MGH group hotel

Exchange points for redeemable vouchers ahead of your stay

Earn and exchange points to your advantage

You can exchange points for various vouchers that can be redeemed at the time of your stay . Please present the voucher to be redeemed to the hotel front desk staff on the day of your stay (※1).

  • Accommodation voucher

    This voucher gives you a discount on your room rate.
    Click here for details

  • Accommodation invitation

    This voucher allows you to stay in a specific hotel or room. Reservation in advance is required.
    Click here for details

  • Breakfast voucher

    This voucher is branded for either Mitsui Garden Hotels, The Celestine Hotels, or sequence, and can be redeemed for breakfast at the hotel. Breakfast vouchers awarded for staying 2, 5 or 10 nights can be used at all hotels.
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How to use a voucher

  • ※1Front desk staff must redeem any voucher that is presented. Vouchers cannot be redeemed at automatic check-in machines and face recognition check-in machines.

Use your points
outside the hotel

Exchange points for gifts

Exchange points for gifts to yourself or others

We will deliver popular, original hotel products and gifts from Mitsui Fudosan Group companies to a designated address (in Japan only).

    Original products

    Quality curries or desserts that are popular even for breakfast

  • Original gifts from Mitsui Fudosan Group Resort Hotels

    A selection of items from Halekulani Okinawa has also been added to our lineup of popular select gifts.

  • We also have other attractive gifts.

    *This photo is for illustrative purposes