About smartphone apps

The Mitsui Garden Hotels App offers convenient functions such as hotel resevations and point redemption to make your stay more comfortable. In addition, the app will also offer special campaigns from time to time that offer accommodation vouchers, discount coupons, etc.

Exclusive offer for MGH Rewards Club members!

Enter the code on the card you receive with your MGH hotel stay to earn MGH points for your next stay

Limited time only!
Points will only be awarded three days after the new membership campaign code is entered.
*Please note that points can only be earned once after the campaign code has been entered.(No additional points will be awarded for entering campaign codes at multiple locations).
How to receive your reward
  • Receive the card upon check-in at the front counter

  • Enter the code on the card via the app’s campaign page (New Membership Campaign)

  • Receive MGH points 3 days after entering the code!

From reserving to staying in your accommodation

Necessary functions – such as reserving accommodation, exchanging points,
or confirming your member information – are integrated in the app.


You select your hotel from a list. You can also narrow down the price range and room type.


You can exchange points for vouchers and gifts, and you can check your member stage, accumulated points, and accommodation history.


You can use vouchers by presenting the QR screen when you check-in.


Only members who have downloaded the app will receive notifications of special vouchers or campaigns.


You will receive a breakfast voucher or an invitation to stay at the hotel depending on the number of nights you have stayed! The more you stay, the more luxurious the prize!

A “Stay” page to fulfill your comfortable stay

This function allows you to request equipmentThis function allows you to request equipment and room preferences from the hotel, check hotel building information, and stay close to your guests. and room preferences for your staying hotel, and a QR check-in feature that helps you check in smoothly.

A "How-to" scenario for using "Smart Concierge"< Image >

Before check-inA “Stay”page to fulfill your journey

You may find all the information you need on this page for your staying hotel!

5 days before check-inArrange equipment and rooms by mobile request

With just one tap, you can easily request such things as "I might want to rent a trouser press at the hotel" or "I'd prefer a room on a higher floor"!

4 days before check-inResponse from hotel staff to mobile request

You'll get a reply such as “Available for rent" for the buckwheat hut pillows, "We will try to meet your request if the situation on the day is available" for rooms on the upper floor. If you know the status in advance, you can prepare for your trip with confidence.

The day before check-inYou can prepare your QR check-in

No need to bother with entering information when you want to prepare a QR check-in. A QR code screen is issued with just 2 taps. (From 7 days before your stay)

*The images are for illustrative purposes only
- the actual products might differ.