Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management

Achieve health, safety and security in people’s daily lives

Achieve health, safety and security in people’s daily lives

From COVID-19 safety measures to information security measures, we're undertaking a variety of safety and security initiatives.

Food safety and security (quality of ingredients and kitchen standards, hygiene management, employee education)

Adopting the thinking of HACCP*, a food hygiene management method, we carry out employee health management (medical examination and stool testing), regular food hygiene courses, self-inspection and external inspection. We also operate based on the food and beverage menu display manual, and carry out regular training, such as short courses.

*HACCP is a method of hygiene management in which food business operators themselves identify potential hazards such as bacteria or foreign object food contamination and then carry out processes to eliminate or reduce these hazards, from receiving raw materials to shipping or serving the products, in order to ensure product safety.

Disaster response

1. Fire drills
During fire drills, the disaster warning sound system is set off in conjunction with a statutory inspection, making the drill more realistic.

2. Life-saving rescue drills
We regularly invite the fire station to come and provide life-saving rescue training, including CPR, AED use, foreign body airway obstruction removal procedures and emergency bleeding control.

3. Hotel guest safety confirmation
In order to quickly confirm the safety of guests in the event of a disaster, magnetic cards are placed on the doors of guest rooms, and those guests who are in good physical condition are asked to place an 'I am safe' magnet on the outside of their door.

Installation of smoking booths as part of second-hand smoking countermeasures and installation of accessible rooms

For the sake of the comfort of our guests, we have installed smoking booths to prevent second-hand smoking, and accessible rooms with wider entrance doors and passageways, and universal specifications for wheelchair access.

Promoting information security measures

As part of our security management system, we have established a Chief Information Security Officer and have designated responsible persons at each organisational level in order to manage risks related to information security.

Supporting the work of the Japanese Red Cross Society

MGH Reward Club members donate the equivalent of one yen per point to societal contribution projects. These donations are used to provide relief to disaster victims, prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, and promote public awareness of disaster prevention and disaster mitigation.

Total donations: 2,133,300 yen (as of March 2024)

Eco-cap collection

We collect plastic bottle caps at hotels nationwide and donate them twice a year to the certified NPO Japan Committee, Vaccines for the World's Children (JVC).

Total weight collected: about 2480.6kg
[corresponds to 1,083 polio vaccines]
(as of March 2024)