Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management

Establish ultra-smart societies by creating neighborhoods

Establish ultra-smart societies by creating neighborhoods

We will promote a super-smart society through activities aimed at our hotels open to the community and the use of ICT technologies such as facial authentication systems.

Utilization of the latest technology, such as facial recognition check-in systems

We will offer a smooth and smart hotel experience through the adoption of new technologies such as facial recognition systems.

Scenes from the production of a promotional video about one of our hotels made by students
(Mitsui Garden Hotel Jingugaien Tokyo Premier)

Implementation of industry-academia collaboration projects

By holding industry-academia collaboration projects with technical schools, universities, and junior colleges, we aim to open up our hotels to the community by offering students a place to learn.

Launching a campaign to collaborate with local confectionery businesses

With the aim of revitalizing the local region, we organized a campaign in which guests who stayed at one of our hotels were gifted confectionary from local businesses.
(THE CELESTINE HOTELS, Mitsui Garden Hotels)

Local elementary, middle, and high school work experience

Our hotels accept children and students for work experience, where they can gain first-hand experience of hotel work and have the opportunity to work with employees. The main focus is on front desk work, where students can learn about customer service, how to welcome guests, the proper timing of knocking on guests' doors, bed making, and more.

Participation in and support of local events

To contribute to the local region, we actively participate in local festivals and events. In Kyoto, we have joined the neighborhood association of Kita Kannonyama, where the Gion Festival is held. We also participate in the preparations for the Gion Festival and the Yamahoko Kita Kannonyama patrol.

Cleaning up the local region

"We want to be a hotel that cares about the local area and never loses its sense of gratitude." With that sentiment, we organize community clean-ups of the local area around our hotels and cooperate with beautification initiatives.