Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management

Achieve a society where a diverse workforce can thrive

Achieve a society where a diverse workforce can thrive

In order to create opportunities for a varied workforce, we understand the significance of diversity and enhancing our hospitality standards through training and awards schemes.

Quantitative objectivesRatio of female management positions15% in 2025
20% in 2030
Return to work rate after parental leave100%
Percentage of taken paid leave70%

Promotion of women's success

Women account for 49% of all employees in our workforce, and as a model company for the promotion of women's success within the Mitsui Fudosan Group, we have formulated a variety of policies to this end and are working to achieve them.

  • 1.Creating an environment of mutual respect for diverse lifestyles and values, including childcare and nursing care regardless of gender, fostering an environment where everyone can continue to work for a long time
    • Changing organizational and managerial attitudes (through unconscious bias training, etc.)
    • Support for balancing employment and childcare and nursing care (system expansion and thorough enforcement, training system, encouragement of male childcare participation, etc.)
    • Return entry system
  • 2.We are promoting the development of an environment in which our female employees can work with peace of mind even after major life events such as childbirth. In 2022, a new Diversity and Inclusion Promotion Office was established in the Human Resources division to further promote this.

Providing a place for people with disabilities to play an active role

In collaboration with the general incorporated association, "Group Happy Smile", we are proud to provide a space dedicated to those with disabilities to both exhibit and sell their work within the museum.

The event is an opportunity for people to write their personal wishes on strips of paper and handmade ornaments, and to decorate them in a tanabata style. Voluntary donations for this activity will be donated to facilities supporting disabled individuals.

Year 2021 Christmas38,896 yen
Year 2022 Tanabata77,467 yen
Year 2022 Christmas487,867 yen
Year 2023 Tanabata214,203 yen
Year 2023 Christmas470,976 yen

We aim to promote barrier-free living by displaying and selling artworks within the museum, a place dedicated to providing everyone with an art experience. All sales proceeds will be given directly to the creators in support of their next creative endeavors.

Winner of the 7th Japan Tourism Award
The ParaArt traveling exhibition "HAPPY SMILE ART" won an award at the 7th Japan Tourism Awards. This award recognizes the sustainable and outstanding efforts of both domestic and international organizations, companies, groups, and individuals who have contributed to the development of the expansion of tourism. This exhibition was highly praised for its use of hotels' public nature to shed light on the artistry of people with disabilities, as well as for its new avenue for contributing to the local community by "discovering local artists".

Diverse recruitment

We actively recruit overseas talent. When welcoming customers from Japan and overseas, we foster a work environment in which all our employees mutually understand and recognize each other's values.

Conducting in-house training to promote understanding

A variety of training is conducted throughout the company, including training on understanding the significance of diversity and the need to respect diverse members of the workforce, and unconscious bias training which helps employees to notice unconscious assumptions and biases and develop a positive view of people's motivations and working styles.

Employee Recognition Scheme

The MGH Award is presented to hotels, departments and individuals who achieve excellent results in hotel operations and customer satisfaction.

Hospitality Contests

With the goal of improving the quality of our service and awareness of customer satisfaction, selected employees from each hotel participate in internal competitions and compete with their customer service skills.