Advance QR check-in - THE CELESTINE HOTELS, Mitsui Garden Hotels

Customers with a reservation,
click here.
(Issue QR code)

No need to enter any information
during the check-in process!
Just scan the QR code
at the automatic check-in machine.

If you do not use advance check-in via QR code
Entering your information after waiting in a line for check-in can be a hassle.

For those who used the advance QR check-in service
If you scan your QR code at the check-in machine, you won't have to register your information at the hotel!

Flow of the advance QR check-in

Reservation Inquiry

Enter your hotel, check-in date, name and reservation number to login.

Advance Registration

Register your hotel card information at check-in, as well as the receipt address.

Issue QR code

Smooth check-in with the issued QR code.

Notes (not eligible for QR check-in)

Please take note that QR code check-in cannot be used for the following:

  • (1)Multiple rooms being reserved under one reservation
  • (2)Reservations made through various travel sites