To all MGH members

We would like to inform you of the changes from the old "MGH Members" to the new "MGH Rewards Club".

  • 1.Introducing the stage system

MGH Rewards Club determines the "membership stage" based on the points that member earned and the number of nights stayed in a year.

BRONZELess than 2,500 points and less than 5 nights
GOLD2,500 points or more, or 5 nights or more
PLATINUM20,000 points or more, or 20 nights or more
DIAMOND40,000 points or more, or 40 nights or more

How the initial stage is determined

The initial membership stage for MGH members will be determined from the record of use between April 2019 and the end of December 2020.

  • 2.Points awarded rate goes up

Points that used to be equal to 5% of the room rate across the board will become 5% for Bronze members, and 10% for Gold members or above.

  • 3.Breakfast service free of charge

Members who stayed 2 nights, 5 nights, and 10 nights a year will receive a breakfast voucher that can be used in a subsequent stay. Diamond members will receive breakfast free-of-charge during their stays. Breakfast is provided free-of-charge only to the member (1 person) and cannot be used in combination with a plan that includes breakfast.

  • 4.Early check-in / late check-out service

One hour earlier check-in and one hour later check-out is provided to Platinum members or above free-of-charge during their stays.

  • 5.More benefits when using points

Payment with points

At the time of booking, points in multiples of 100 can be used to pay for accommodation.

QR coupons

Hotel gift vouchers and breakfast vouchers that were previously issued as paper vouchers will now be issued as "QR coupons" through My Page of MGH's website, or on the smartphone app.

Exchanging gifts

Halekulani Okinawa tote bags have been added to the lineup.

Regarding your gift vouchers

Your hotel gift cards and breakfast vouchers can be used at your hotel until the expiration date stated on the card or voucher.

About gifts that are no longer available for points

  • Spa "AMUSTAS" vouchers for Hotel The Celestine Tokyo Shiba
    You can continue to use the vouchers until the expiration date stated on the face of the voucher.
  • Mitsui Garden Hotels Original Pillow
    For Lofty pillows, please continue to refer to the information below and purchase by phone or fax.

About the expiration date of points

  • Expiration will change to the end of the month two years after the date when points are awarded.
  • Points held at the start of the MGH Rewards Club will expire at the end of the month two years after the date when the last points were awarded. The new rules will apply for any points awarded after the April 1st, 2021 start date.

About the person who is eligible for awarded points

The person who is eligible for points will change to the person who stays in the hotel; previously it was the person who made the reservation.