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About the handling of individual information

I will use Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management Co., Ltd. (Hereafter, it is said, "Our company") for marketing activities of the giving information and the marketing research, etc. judged that our company of the introduction of the commodity and the service that the contract, the implementation of dealings, and our company provide etc. is profitable and appropriate for the customer in the range of the hanging our business purpose as follows. - Management and management industry of hotel

  • (1)Guidance concerning hotel facilities plan and building program
  • (2)Information on the hotel management is collected, and it processes and it analyzes it.
  • (3)Management and management industry of restaurant bar
  • (4)Tourist dissemination to tourist and mediation industry of hotel
  • (5)Buying and selling of real estate, lease, and management industry
  • (6)Sales industry of liquors, cigarette, stamp, and stamp
  • (7)Sales of medicine, souvenir, food, fixture and furniture, daily necessaries miscellaneous goods, and newspaper and magazine, etc. and the mediation industries
  • (8)Advertisement and advertisement industries
  • (9)Additionally, all businesses that accompany each title the former For the introduction of the select line and the service that relates to our business purpose described in above-mentioned

To offer it to the third party within a necessary range for the accomplishing objective of the description above. Moreover, when the purpose of use is separately specified further, I will do the use notwithstanding the foregoing along the purpose.

About the offer of individual information to the third party

Our company might offer customer's individual information to the business partner and the third party such as the business consignment ahead within the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use described by three of the "The purpose of use in case of the case to ask for the offer of individual information and, and, purpose of use of the possession individual data" besides the case based on regulations of the law. Offered information is assumed to be limited to necessary minimum item though will assume a necessary item for each business besides the name, the address, and the telephone number. When offering it to the third party, it is assumed the one handed over doing by using a document, mail, a telephone, a fax, E-mail, and an electronic medium, etc., and considering the safety control enough, and when electronic data is offered, it encrypts and it hands it over. I will stop the offer to the third party by the offer of the person in question. Please offer to the Guest Center.

About Cookie

The service offer to the customer is sent and received and information that is called a cookie is sent and received in the purpose about cookie (Cookie) in a part of this homepage. I will use the cookie by the chiefly following purposes.

  • (1)To do various input assistance when serving for the member.
  • (2)To match the homepage to the individual customer's use and to customize it.
  • (3)To use it as a statistical material with the individual cannot specify.

The cookie will neither assumption as the one that is limited to the service offer and the user analysis to the customer and used nor violate customer's privacy. In this case, a part of service of this homepage might not be received though it can be set that the customer doesn't use the cookie.

What is cookie (Cookie)?
It might be preserved by the information terminal unit that the customer uses for efficient operation of the Internet by information exchanged mutually with the web server between customer's browsers.

About the access log

Information on the computer of the accessed customer is recorded as an access log on this homepage. I will use the access log by the chiefly following purposes.

  • (1)To ascertain the cause of the problem that occurs by the web server and to solve it.
  • (2)To use the use state on the homepage etc.
  • (3)As a statistical material with the individual cannot specify.

What is the access log?
When the customer accesses it, information at the kind of domain name used, Internet Protocol address, OS that is filed, and used of the access, and a browser and the accessed time, etc. is said. About the handling of individual information the link ahead

To provide the customer with useful information and service, it introduces the link of other companies to the homepage on this homepage. Our company doesn't owe the care and custody for the collection of individual information done on the homepage linking ahead at all. Please use it by the customer own judgment.