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InformationMitsui Fudosan Hotel Management's hygiene management initiative

Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management's concepts on "hygiene management" and "avoiding the 3Cs"
~For the security of guests and a comfortable stay~

Mitsui Garden Hotels, The Celestine Hotels, and "sequence" hotel, all operated by Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management, have established New Operation Guidelines and are taking further measures for "hygiene management" and "avoiding the 3Cs" in order to anticipate and react appropriately to imperceptible viruses, as part of our response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In the so-called "With Corona" society, we will work towards a new style of hotel, continuously aiming to provide comfortable accommodation through even closer attention to the safety and health of our guests and hotel staff. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

For the time being, we will take the following actions at the Mitsui Garden Hotels, The Celestine Hotels and "sequence" hotel that we operate.


For a smooth check-in, we encourage guests to pay in advance before arrival, or to use a credit card for a cashless payment at the Front Desk.

  • Body temperature check upon entering the hotel
  • Hand sanitizing upon entering the hotel
  • Ensuring physical distancing at the front desk
  • Physical condition check, and installation of clear plastic counter screens
  • Smoother check-in through registering in advance
  • Check-in using automatic check-in machines (to be introduced hotel by hotel) or using a QR code is available

During your stay

We ask for your cooperation with our hygiene measures in the lobby, restaurants, elevators, public baths, and so on.

  • Hand sanitizer in each area of the hotel
  • Ensuring physical distancing in the elevators
  • Please avoid talking in the elevator
  • Limiting the number of people using hotel facilities, and ensuring physical distance
  • Please wear a properly-fitted face mask in the guest lounge, except when eating or drinking.
  • Provision of separate trash bags for used masks

Hygiene management in guest rooms and other areas of the hotel

A thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the hotel is part of our welcome to you.

  • Sanitizing of remote controllers and switches for lights
  • Sanitizing of door knobs
  • Cleaning and disinfecting hotel wet areas
  • Cleaning and disinfecting areas that many people touch
  • Thorough ventilation
  • Sanitizing of key cards


The buffet tables are fitted with partitions. Please wear a properly-fitted facemask when not seated at your table, and wear a pair of the gloves provided when using the buffet service. We also ask everyone to use socialdistancing with other customers, and the hotel staffwill practice social distancing when serving customers.Some of the hotels only offer breakfast from a set menu.

  • Body temperature check when entering the restaurant
  • Ensuring physical distance in the restaurants
  • Installation of partitions
  • Wearing masks and gloves when using the buffet
  • Displaying requests for cooperation regarding hygiene
  • Provision of mask cases

Public baths

The number of users is limited in order to avoid "the 3Cs": closed spaces, crowded spaces and close-contact settings. Please sanitize your hands before using the buffet, and keep a safe distance from other customers.

  • Please store your slippers in your locker.
  • Limiting the number of people using the public baths
  • Please avoid talking in the changing room of the public bath area.

Health management of hotel staff

We require all hotel staffto check their body temperature before starting work and manage their physical condition. In consideration of the health and public hygiene of our guests and hotel staff, hotel staffwill wear face masks while working. If necessary, hotelstaffwill wear gloves and a face shield as well.

  • Sanitizing your hands
  • Checking the physical condition of all hotel staff when they arrive for work.
  • Thorough disinfecting of the back office and equipment

Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management

ECOLAB is a leading global company in providing solutions for water and food safety, and hygiene management, in over 40 industries in 170 countries around the world. "The Celestine Hotels", "Mitsui Garden Hotels" and "sequence" operated by Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management Co., Ltd. used ECOLAB's reliable know-how and scientific approach in the field of hygiene and preventing the spread of infectious diseases to formulate the hotel's new cleaning guidelines and hygiene management.

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