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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management Co., Ltd. (hereinunder referred to as "the Company") shall acknowledge the importance of personal information of third parties including guests, and shall make every effort to protect such personal information while complying with laws concerning the protection of personal information, and shall declare to establish, execute and maintain a privacy policy as described hereunder.

1. Concerning the acquisition of personal information

In addition to the acquisition of necessary personal information required in compliance with laws and regulations, the Company shall engage in the acquisition of personal information within acceptable boundaries for the purpose of providing better services to guests. The Company shall define the purpose of acquiring personal information, and shall take legitimate and fair steps to conduct such activities. The Company shall also notify necessary information such as the purpose of use of personal information through the website and other means when indirectly acquiring personal information.

2. Concerning the management and protection of personal information

  • (1)The Company shall endeavor to maintain the latest and the most accurate personal information.
  • (2)The Company shall appoint an administrator to manage personal information appropriately, and shall endeavor to prevent the external leakage of personal information when managing personal information acquired from guests.
  • (3)The Company shall endeavor to protect personal information of guests by implementing safety measures deemed appropriate and reasonable against hazards including unauthorized access from outside, and loss, damage or falsification of data.
  • (4)The Company shall restrict the individuals accessing the databases containing personal information to authorized individuals only, and shall also closely monitor to prevent fraudulent acts within the Company.
  • (5)The Company shall select consigned parties that have been permitted to handle personal information appropriately for necessary consignment agreements, and shall thoroughly implement measures to maintain confidentiality and adequate control in order to prevent the leakage of personal information of guests when outsourcing the handling of personal information to outside parties for the purpose of servicing guests.

3. Concerning the use of personal information

  • (1)The use of personal information acquired by the Company shall be limited within necessary boundaries to the attainment of the purpose of use.
  • (2)In the event the Company wishes to use personal information beyond the boundaries of the purpose of use, the Company shall notify the subject individuals in advance to affirm their preferences.

4. Concerning the offering of personal information

The Company may share personal information of guests with others including group businesses, business partners and outsourcing partners after taking procedures required by laws and regulations.

5. Concerning the disclosure, amendment and other procedures of personal information

The Company shall accommodate requests without undue delay when the disclosure, amendment or suspension of use of personal information in possession is requested by subject individuals upon verifying the subject individuals excluding situations where said personal information is requested by laws and regulations.

6. Concerning the streamlining of internal systems

  • (1)The Company shall maintain internal rules concerning personal information based on the privacy policy, and shall endeavor to protect the personal information of guests by thoroughly familiarizing the handling of personal information to board members, employees, contract employees and part-time employees of the Company as well as other affiliated parties.
  • (2)The Company shall put in place a structure to monitor the adequate implementation of measures in order to meticulously handle and protect personal information internally and at other sites such as outsourced companies.
  • (3)The Company shall endeavor to arbitrarily revise and improve measures for handling personal information.

7. Request to all parties concerned

The Company may revise the privacy policy stated in the Company's website for the purpose of improving the protection of personal information or in accordance with changes in laws and regulations. All parties are advised to refer periodically to the website of the Company.

Contact information and procedures for requesting the disclosure, amendment, supplement or suspension of use of personal information
Guests may request the Company to disclose their own personal information registered to the Company's database. Consequently, if the information is incorrect, guests may additionally request the Company to amend, supplement or suspend use of their personal information. To request the disclosure, amendment, supplement or suspension of use of personal information, select one of the following contact methods.

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