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MGH Members Guide

MGH Members Guide

Membership Eligibility

Members are defined as individuals who have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and have been approved for MGH Members enrollment by Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "the Company").


It is possible to enrol either by registering through our official site or by submitting a membership application form.

Signing up fee / Annual renewal fee

There are no signing up fees or annual renewal fees for membership.

Termination of membership

Membership may be revoked and all benefits cancelled with immediate effect and without written notice from the Company, should any of the following conditions be found to have been met:

  1. 1.You made a false declaration at the time of enrollment.
  2. 2.Your contact information (phone number, address, etc) has not kept up to date.
  3. 3.You fail to meet payment obligations for stipulated hotel charges such as accommodation fees or are late paying these charges.
  4. 4.You engage in behaviour that is either disruptive to the hotel and/or other guests, significantly damages the reputation of the hotel, or violates the Terms and Conditions of using the hotel.
  5. 5.You engage in activity that violates any part of this Membership Agreement.

Member benefits (point system)

The point system offers benefits by awarding points to Members for patronage of hotels and facilities operated by the Company. Note that for points to be awarded reservations must be made either through our official site, over the phone or in person at the hotel (not by a 3rd party). Points will only be awarded for payments made by cash or credit card, and Members will receive 5% of the room charge (before tax) in points. Points earned will be rounded down to the nearest 10 yen. Additionally, should multiple Members stay under the same reservation, as a rule points will be awarded to the Member who made the reservation.

Reservations that will not earn points

Even for MGH Members, reservations made under the following circumstances will not earn points:

  • ・Reservations made through internet booking agents, travel agents or other 3rd parties.
  • ・Staying at the corporate membership rate of affiliated companies.
  • ・Using other special offers.

Point redemption

Points accumulated may be exchanged for a variety of gift items, such as Hotel Gift Certificates, details of which can be found on our official site or in the chain pamphlet.

MGH Members Guide

  • ・Points cannot be exchanged for cash. Additionally, please be aware that no change will be given when using gift certificates.
  • ・Members are not permitted to transfer, combine, lend, or have joint ownership of points accumulated with other members.
  • ・Hotel gift certificates are valid for 1 year from date of issue

Postal service for gifts redeemed using points

Please note that items can only be shipped to addresses within Japan.

Point validity period

Points will expire under the following circumstances:

  • ・The member does not earn any further points from staying at a Mitsui Garden Hotel for 2 years from the date of the last points being awarded.

Hotel Gift Certificates

he vouchers may be used towards room rates or breakfast tickets for hotel restaurants at any hotel operated by the Company in Japan. Business receipts issued will be to the amount paid after the value of Hotel Gift Certificates and/or other vouchers has been deducted from the total.

Cancellation of Membership

Members may cancel their membership at any time by submitting the cancellation request in person. At time of cancellation, any outstanding points will be permanently eradicated.

Privacy Policy

Personal information held by the Company

The Company will collect and hold certain personal information about Members in its database. This personal information may include data that is submitted through our official site online forms such as for membership application or other data entered after joining, as well as Members' history of service usage.

Purpose of collection of Members' personal information

Members' personal information is collected for the purposes outlined in 1 to 6 below. Currently the information collected is the minimum required to fulfill the purposes outlined, and submitting additional information is not required for membership enrollment.

  • ・For informing Members about our point reward system or other Member benefits, as well as information about hotel accommodation offers, news, events and services for hotels operated by the Company. Currently these notices are dispatched by post or email, etc.
  • ・For managing Member's information and points. To analyze improvements to products and services at hotels operated by the Company.
  • ・To manage the guest history in order to handle inquiries, etc the Company may receive from Members.
  • ・In order for the Company to contact Members in certain situations such as emergencies or lost belongings.
  • ・To provide information to Members regarding lifestyle, living and leisure products or services offered by Mitsui Fudosan Group companies. (Mitsui Fudosan Group companies refers to Mitsui Fudosan itself and those companies that are fully consolidated subsidiaries or affiliates and are listed in the company's official securities' report, etc.)
  • ・For purposes other than stated previously, should prior consent from the Member be obtained.

Transfer of personal information to a third parties

The Company may sometimes transfer Members' personal information, for the purposes stated in 2. above ("Purpose of collection of members' personal information"), to tenants or other related associates at hotels operated by the Company. Additionally, there may be cases where, in accordance with the law, it is necessary to disclose personal information to a third party other than for those defined previously. Furthermore, in order for the smooth operation and management of the Company's business, information or system support and management tasks may be assigned to a third party resulting in Member's personal information also being passed to that third party, albeit under the understanding to keep personal information confidential.

Management of members' personal information

The Company will strive to managed properly and strictly the personal information collected from guests, and take steps to ensure that Members' personal information is not accessed without authorization, lost, damaged, altered or leaked.

Inquiries, Corrections, Additions, Deletions

Members wishing to inquire about, correct, add or expunge part of their personal information are requested to contact the help desk at the number stated below. The Company will need to confirm the identity of the Member before being able to handle any requests.

Inquiries : Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management Members' Office
2-2-5, Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0023, Japan
TEL.03-3548-0328(10:00 - 17:00 on week days)

Changes to the Membership Agreement

The contents of this Membership Agreement are subject to change, revision or abolishment at any time and without notice. Members are required to understand and agree to this in advance.


The Company may not be able to uphold all or part of the terms outlined in this Membership Agreement due to circumstances beyond the Company's control such as fire, power outages, earthquakes or other natural disasters, or any other events that may cause damage or disruption to the system itself or to other operations, and which may result in the full or partial suspension or termination of services. Under these circumstances the Company will not be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered by Members or other parties for any reason whatsoever.

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